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It is not unusual to see a luxury guide to the shopping areas of the world’s capitals. They are as much a part of the city as its sights. Under the auspices of our publishing house, we decided to launch a similar project in the Czech Republic and we were not at all surprised at the positive response it met. The busiest and most luxurious avenue in the CR is Prague’s Pařížská Street.

It didn’t take us long to choose this artery of luxury in the City of a Hundred Spires. And if you think it’s just a soulless catalogue of luxury, then you are mistaken. In addition to fashion, the magazine covers other topics, such as culture, food and drink, motoring or society life.

Who are our readers? 
The magazine’s focus alone makes it quite clear which target group it is intended for. Yes, it is the economically most powerful group. And because Pařížská Street is right in the centre, where a large number of tourists come to visit, we decided to give the magazine international character by making it tri-lingual – Czech, English and Russian.




Mediaforce, s.r.o. is a member of the ASTRON group, one of the largest providers of printing services in the Czech Republic. Apart from publishing motoring magazines (MOTOHOUSE, MOTOHOUSE New Cars) and magazines about luxury goods (Watch It!, Pařížská street) the publishing house is also engaged in publishing corporate and client magazines.

Our team is made up of professionals in their field! Experienced editors with years of experience in the media. We have an extensive database of freelance authors and photographers. So it is no problem for us to produce a magazine about automobiles or the paper industry. We prepare the magazine editorially and we can also print it for you using top quality materials and then immediately dispatch it to wherever you want.

Mediaforce is a real force in the media, because all of our titles have representative advertising. Our advertising managers are the sharks in the waters of the classifieds. There’s no time for playing games.


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