ISAIA, the neapolitan high-end menswear firm, is now available in Prague.


It has been almost a century since the forefather of the brand, Enrico Isaia, opened a fabrics store for the most renowned tailors in town. From a succesful family enterprise to international business model, ISAIA combines tradition with quality and creates fashionable tailor-made men’s clothing. 


Would you like to own a suit with a touch of italian charm? All you need to do is visit the UOMO Napoletano boutique, focusing on italian fashion from Naples region. The staff will offer you a wide range of quality fabrics and accessories; either an italian tailor or trained staff will do the measuring. Both will help you to choose the right combination of fabrics and cut that will suit you and your personality the best. Uomo_Napoletano_ISAIA_2

In an italian sewing workshop in Casalnuovo di Napoli, your hand-made suit gets its final form. After 4 weeks of precise work, your future adornment is sent back to Prague. To pick it up, you can stop by the boutique or have it delivered to the address of your choice.

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