This leading Czech hairdresser, Libor Šula, shared his experience and gave some valuable advice about caring for hair and beards.

It’s maybe a little old-fashioned, but some hairdressers today forget what has always worked for volume; i.e. gel and lacquer.

Every client should take note of how the hairdresser applies the lacquer. It has to be from 30 cm, because only this distance will ensure that the lacquer will work.

When you go abroad it is normal for a client to try out a new hairdresser with a blow dry. They have to find out if the hairdresser suits them as a person. Cutting hair is very intimate, so before you entrust your hair to a stranger’s hands, you ought to first verify them.

It is said that the scalp requires twelve hours before it gets back to normal after the ‘shock’ brought about by shampoo. I’m not able to give advice when a client comes to me and says, ‘I washed it an hour ago’. If you wash away all the clues, I can’t see a thing.

The basis for hair trends are trends in fashion. People who have style, only take trends as an inspiration. While people who follow trends, are looking for, and have yet to find their own style.

I love it when a client brings me pictures of how they would like me to cut their hair. I’m a strong hairdresser and I know how to adapt it to the client’s needs. With weaker hairdressers the problem is that they will stick a picture to the mirror with a piece of gum and follow it slavishly, without cutting according to the specific proportions shape of the client’s face. That is wrong.

A beard should be clipped, shampooed like hair, but not shaved bald on the cheeks and neck. A certain ‘macho’ style should be kept.

Bald men should wash their head with shampoo according to their skin type. Not with shower gel.

The same problem occurs with long hair in both men and women – they get greasy quickly. Every follicle has its own muscle and is connected to a sebaceous gland. Thanks to this, when you tie up the hair, it gets greasier.

Here in the CR too, people are learning to reserve half an hour to wash and blow dry before a party.

Another crutch for people with very greasy hair is transparent shampoo. I don’t have anything against dry shampoo.

The basic equipment is: a good-quality shampoo upon consulting with your hairdresser, mousse (put it on after each wash before blow drying), lacquer, a good-quality hair dryer – ideally Parlux, which will save you twenty percent of your time, and a curling iron with a smaller diameter. Your hairdresser should recommend which hair iron to buy, as well as setting priorities and advising whether it is necessary. I recommend Kérastase shampoo according to the hair type, lacquer from the Tecni.Art range from L´Oréal Professionnel or a great spray for parties called V. I. P. – Volume in Powder – from Kérastase.

Don’t go out in cold weather with damp hair, it can cause it to snap.

Lately people look very tired. As a nation we are a bit sadder and more melancholic. Moreover Christmas is coming. One trend that helps is to lighten the eyebrows a half-shade to a shade.

P.S. In January we will open a second salon in Pilsen, which we really like. We are looking forward to it!